eWoFF.com Privacy Statement
Updated March 18, 2008
eWoFF.com, Incorporated has developed this privacy statement that outlines the privacy control related to this site. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices on the website eWoFF.com, Web of Family and Friends.

No Sharing or Selling of Your Information
Only your name, email, user id, and password are required to establish your eWoFF.com membership. All other information stored in your account is optional. You may or may not store any other information to share with your family and friends. The primary purpose of this site is to allow you to share information with your family and friends. We consider protection of our Member data to be the most important responsibility. WE DO NOT SELL OR SHARE YOUR INFORMATION WITH ANY OUTSIDE ENTITY.

Access to Your Information
We do not have any public area where a member can post any information for all visitors to this site. Only each member can determine what information is shared with other members. The level of access is maintained on a one-to-one basis between members. We do not provide any facility to lookup or find other members, only members can share their user ID with other members. Only members can request, accept or reject, and modify Links with other members. Members have full control over their Links with other members. We do not create, monitor, or modify the Links. You can modify or remove access for any member who is linked with you at anytime. When removing access, however, please understand that the other member may have printed or electronically saved information while he or she had the access.

Logging and Tracking
There are various logs that track the activity on this website. The Internet server logs track all browser requests to our servers. These logs record timestamp, IP address, URL, any parameters, browser type, referrer URL, etc. These logs help us in many operational tasks including diagnosis of a problem, tracking of http errors, response time measurement, and tracking of attempted break-ins. These logs also help us evaluate the usage patterns and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. All database transactions are logged in a variety of different ways. The primary function of these logs is to help us maintain the integrity of your data in case of a hardware failure. These logs work in conjunction with our backups to prevent or minimize data loss. Some functions that update your information are audit trailed to help us prevent unauthorized access and updates. Some database logs also help us understand usage patterns.  Your access to another member's content is logged so you can be presented with distinction between content that you have already viewed and content that you have not viewed.  These logs can also be used to present to the owner of content a detailed history of when his or her content was viewed by other members linked to him or her.  There are various logs that record start and end of various function use.  These logs are used for performance and usage profiling.

Your Responsibilities
We ask that you use a safe password that is not easy to guess. We require that you not disclose your password to anyone. We ask that you update your password frequently. eWoFF.com membership is designed for individuals; even closely related individuals should setup and maintain separate accounts.

Appropriate Use
This facility is designed to share information with your family and friends. We have various mechanisms to detect inappropriate, obscene, or unlawful content. We reserve the right to terminate any account and require that all information be removed from our servers. We reserve the right to refer any unlawful information to law enforcement agencies.  We fully cooperate with all law enforcement agencies.

Our Security
Our employees sign a rigorous use policy that prohibits unnecessary access to member information. We continue to build additional barriers to theft, destruction or unauthorized access of member information. We have a policy to aggressively pursue any attempts to break into our systems with law enforcement agencies. The security at this site is designed to be consistent with nature of information stored by our members. We ask our members to recognize that no facility is absolutely secure. They should NOT use this facility for very sensitive, tax, medical, or financial information.

eWoFF.com members can correct or update any information that they have stored in this facility. Your own identification information such as Name, address, phone number, etc. can be modified or removed using 'Contact Info' function. All functions that allow you to create entries such as 'Diary', 'Whereabouts', 'Photos', etc. allow you to remove or update any entry that you have created. We do not update or maintain any of your information.

You can control the communications you receive from us. We have a 'User Preferences' function under development. This function, when deployed, would allow you to request or block any messages from us. You have full control over Private Messages from members that are linked with you. You can block a Private Message from a member using 'Links' function.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this policy, you can contact us at: info@ewoff.com or
eWoFF.com, Incorporated
20 N. Wacker Drive,
Suite 2704
Chicago, IL 60606