eWoFF is a quiet place to stay connected with the people you care about.Here you won't be bothered by the noise of people you don't know. eWoFF is a private network of the people that matter to you.And... it's free!Click on a link above to learn more about eWoFF features.


The eWoFF Community areas are for members to privately interact and share with each other. Helping you stay in touch with the people you care about in a noise-free environment is the goal of eWoFF.
  • Links define your relationships in eWoFF. They make your Web of Family and Friends (WoFF) truly yours. On eWoFF there are no second or third degree relationships, you have total control over what to share with each person in your WoFF.
  • The People area is where you'll find a collection of the thoughts, appreciations, and whereabouts that others are sharing with you. It's a great place to find out what your niece or nephew is in to, or what trips are coming up for your cousins or distant friends.
  • In eWoFF people can interact in Conversations. They combine the best characteristics of several communications mediums: Instant messaging, but with multiple people. Email, without having to sort through a bunch of messages. Chat rooms, but without the strangers.
  • eWoFF Date Minders help you remember important dates in the lives of your friends and family.
  • Photos in eWoFF are about much more than a picture. You can interact and share your images privately and easily.
My Shared
  • Your eWoFF Diary is for you to record notes, reflections, and whatever else. You can use it for private thoughts, a public journal, or both!
  • Favorites are for letting others know what you appreciate the most. Share an award winning recipie or recommend a good read. eWoFF Favorites can let others know about your tastes, and provide sure-to-delight gift-giving ideas!
  • Keep track of your trips and events with eWoFF Whereabouts. You share with Friends and Family what's coming up in your life so they can wish you good luck or a safe return home.
  • There are many ways to tell a story in eWoFF and Photos are always a great choice. You can create as many Photo Albums as you wish and load them with pictures for your Friends and Family to view, or just for your personal use. Narrate your photo journey with titles and captions and quickly scan an album with the thumbnail strip.
  • Update your Contact Info once in eWoFF and all of your Web of Friends and Family are up-to-date with your current phone number, address, and email. Of course if you don't want people to know your information you can always keep it private.